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The Hendrich team welcomes you to the Customize My Program tool that makes getting the answers you need fast and easy! Your responses to a few short questions help us better understand your healthcare system’s current situation so we can provide helpful feedback. We also take the guess work out of finding a fall reduction program that best fits your facility’s needs. Answer the question below to get started!

What type of facility best describes your healthcare system?

Integrated system (1-12 facilities)
Large Integrated system (13+ facilities)
Assisted / Senior Living
Skilled Nursing Facility
Ambulatory Clinics / Surgical Centers
Physician’s Office / MIPS MACRA
Home Care / Medical Home
Federal Clinics or Critical Access Hospitals
Payers / Population Health

Which fall risk program is currently used within your sites of care?

No Program Currently Implemented
Hendrich II Fall Risk Model
In-house Created Program

How has your injurious fall rate changed over the last two years?


If you have experienced an increase in injurious falls within your healthcare system, how long has this trend occurred?

No Increasing Trend
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year +

What best describes your nursing and healthcare team’s practices and compliance?

Our system mostly “checks the box” with basic environmental safety practices (armbands, call light in reach, toileting, bed in low position, assistance while up)
The nurse/provider or team has resistance to add anything else to an already busy practice and alarm fatigued environment
We have good to advanced efforts to incorporate risk factor interventions based on risk assessment that includes pharmacy, providers, and a team-based approach (deprescribing, rounding, mentation assessments for diagnosis etc.)
Our system has awareness that injurious falls and care of the older adult will be the primary focus of most systems with high expectations from all patients, payers, and consumers
None of the Above

Have you had a recent regulatory or claim issue with injurious falls from a federal or third-party entity within the last two years? (Check all that apply)

The Joint Commission
State Department of Health
Center's for Medicaid or Medicare
Value-based Purchasing/Inpatient Quality Report Penalty
Claims and Settlements

Which of the following methods are incorporated into your shared-decision making to promote injurious fall reduction and care of the older adult? (Check all that apply)

Educational content (web-based or printed) to support your fall risk assessment and practice environment
Leading with root cause fall analysis in a strong safety culture
Champions for practice at the point of care
The interprofessional team practices interventions to reduce modifiable risk factors and enhance care of the older adult
Incorporation of standardized work and daily visual management cues for continuous improvement and accountability

Your Custom Program

We take the privacy of your data very seriously. Because of this, we do not store or share any of the information you provide within the Customize My Program tool.

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