AHI of Indiana, Inc. (AHI) is a privately held corporation, with an advisory board of national experts, that offers licensing of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model™ with a continuing education course and a comprehensive Resource Center.

Our personal journey began with the loss of a grandmother from an injurious hospital fall and hip fracture, resulting in a preventable death in less than two years. Losing a family member from preventable injury left quite an imprint on Ann L. Hendrich, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N, a recognized researcher and national expert in safety and quality. Dr. Hendrich served as the principal investigator of multiple clinical studies resulting in the development of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model, now widely used not only in the U.S. but also around the world. Multiple replication studies continue to confirm its validity and reliability. The Hendrich II Fall Risk Model™ helps providers and nurses prevent thousands of patient and person falls by proactively assessing fall-risk factors in order to build a person-centered care plan that promotes health and safety.

Our Mission

AHI's mission is to provide the Hendrich II Fall Risk Modelâ„¢ to health care systems and payers* who strive to predict fall risk, prevent harm, and preserve what matters most to individuals and their independence, whenever possible.

* Acute-care hospitals, ambulatory care centers, clinics, population health members, and assisted/senior living communities.

Our Goals

AHI's goals are to provide:

The Hendrich II Fall Risk Model™ to the health care industry for incorporation into health records and personal care models
Our partners and providers with unlimited access to timely, comprehensive, innovative and efficient continuing education for their care team members who use the model
Evidence-based risk factors that will allow providers and payers to do the right thing, that is, prevent, whenever possible, an injurious fall event and the corresponding loss of human dignity and life, and unnecessary health care cost

Our Vision

The vision of AHI is to contribute to national efforts aimed at preserving independence, longevity, and quality of life in older adults. We will do this by partnering with health care entities using the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model™ to promote knowledge of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model™ as an effective screening tool to help reduce preventable injuries and to preserve quality of life.